The Canadian French Sociology is an enterprise recently launched with the goal to promote mutual knowledge and to support dialogue between Canada and France. This opportunity stems from the bond between the two countries developed over centuries that started during the French immigration to Canada. 

The Canadian French Sociology focuses on how both Canadian and French people function as positive contributors to society amidst the many differences. With that in mind, we aim to pursue the following intentions:

  • Strengthening the current situation between Canada and France, especially the friendship and cooperation in the fields of economy, science, culture, and politics; 
  • Serving as a collective, both physical and virtual, for study and research about issues of the society such as climate change, multiculturalism, gender equality, religion, educational system, poverty, healthcare system, migration policies, and economic relations; 
  • Collaborating with appropriate institutions and agencies that have similar goals and activities. 

Equipped with expert and passionate people, the Canadian French Sociology will continue to work for the benefit of the relations between the two countries.