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Best Cooking Gear For College Dorm

Portable equipment and devices that can ease cooking processes while saving space and money are useful in a college dorm. If you’re seeking the greatest cooking tools for your needs, here are some tempting options to consider:

Frigidaire mini fridge

This 3.2 cubic foot-mini fridge has an elegant form and user-friendly door. You can write down using neon markers for labels and reminders, or draw some art if you want. 

NutriBullet personal blender

If you are looking to make nutritious smoothies, this personal blender is worth the purchase. The ease of usage is enough to make you motivated to get healthy.

Hamilton Beach coffee maker

This single-serve coffee maker can be anyone’s best friend, especially on late nights and grind time. It can serve an 8-ounce cup within 90 seconds only. 

Bodum electric tea kettle

This electric tea kettle is not only aesthetically pleasing but also very functional. It can boil 27 ounces of water in 3 minutes. 

Ninja Foodi Flip-Away oven and air fryer

As an appliance with both the functions of an oven and air fryer, you can certainly cook countless menus conveniently. 

Dash egg cooker

As a machine that can cook eggs in 6 different ways, it will certainly make your breakfast interesting each time. 

A 23-piece kitchen utensil set

What good are those cooking appliances without utensils? This 23-piece set surely packs all that you need for any cooking method.