Understanding the Pop Culture of Vaping

Vaping has become such a popular social practice in today’s society that it has given rise to the vaping culture. People turn to vape and adopt it as a new way of life for a variety of reasons.

This blog explores various vaping cultures, including the emergence of cloud chasers, how people treat vaping as a substitute for cigarettes, and how people see the signature vape canada as a recreational activity.

The Culture of Cloud Chasers

Cloud chasers vape with the intention of fiddling around with the vapor clouds. This is a group of vapers who have taken vaping seriously as a passion. The majority of these vapers will compete to see who has the best vaping skills.

Some do it casually, while others aim to make a living by showcasing their skills. There have been a few who have appeared on Got Talent shows around the world.

However, because it often involves enormous clouds, this style of vaping demands practice for the vaper’s safety. Vapers who do not have sufficient knowledge or experience may be overwhelmed by the amount of vapor they inhale.

Motivations among cloud chasers include

  • Impressing their peers
  • Getting social media followings
  • Fame and popularity

Cloud chasers are some of the most committed vapers and are usually involved in vaping publicity. Many have also spoken out in support of legislation to regulate vaping.

E-cigarettes For Quitting Smoking

This group of vapers is uninterested in the clouds they make while vaping. Instead, their main objective is to use vaping to help them replace hazardous cigarette smoking habits.

Whereas cloud chasers enjoy putting on a show and documenting themselves vaping, those who use e-cigarettes for nicotine substitutes do not.

The main motivations for those using e-cigarettes as a substitute are as follows

  • Health concerns associated with smoking
  • Managing nicotine addiction

Because many who vape for nicotine substitutes are coping with addiction and health issues, they make sure to keep their e-cigarettes close at hand.

Differences between the Cloud Chasers and the Substitutes

Those who vape to replace cigarettes, unlike cloud chasers, do not make a big issue about labeling them as vapors. Also, they will usually only vape if they have a strong desire to smoke.

Cloud chasers, on the other hand, maybe seen vaping at all times. Furthermore, many casual vapers only require basic e-cigarettes, as opposed to cloud chasers, who will seek out premium vaping gadgets and devices to aid in the formation of dense vapor clouds.

Vaping for Fun

The last culture of vaping includes people who only vape for fun. The majority of vapers in this group are only interested in exploring new flavors.

This suggests that this segment of folks will only vape on occasion. Because these people are not always well-informed about the vaping culture, some of them may experiment with other substances if they are not careful.

The vaping culture has evolved significantly since a decade ago. As you can see, there are three types of vapers: those who vape to show off their skills, those who are motivated by health concerns and vape to quit smoking, and those who merely vape for fun. Regardless, it appears that vaping culture is here to stay and thrive.