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Understanding the Pop Culture of Vaping

Vaping has become such a popular social practice in today’s society that it has given rise to the vaping culture. People turn to vape and adopt it as a new way of life for a variety of reasons.
This blog explores various vaping cultures, including the emergence of cloud chasers, how people treat vaping as a substitute for cigarettes, and how people see the signature vape canada as a recreational activity.
The Culture of Cloud Chasers
Cloud chasers vape with the intention of fiddling around with the …

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Back to School

Best Cooking Gear For College Dorm

Portable equipment and devices that can ease cooking processes while saving space and money are useful in a college dorm. If you’re seeking the greatest cooking tools for your needs, here are some tempting options to consider:
Frigidaire mini fridge
This 3.2 cubic foot-mini fridge has an elegant form and user-friendly door. You can write down using neon markers for labels and reminders, or draw some art if you want. 
NutriBullet personal blender
If you are looking to make …

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Study And Research In Canada

There are more than 2 million individuals attending postsecondary educational programs in Canada today. The number includes both local residents and international students. 
There are different reasons why many chose to study in Canada. Among them are having a high quality of life, great work-life balance, lower housing costs, high educational quality, and employment. 
57 percent of Canadian adults have tertiary education and the amount of women having a degree is greater than men. That only shows how great Canada…

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How Much It Costs To Study In Canada

Canadian colleges and universities mainly have 3 income sources: the government, the student fees, and donations in a general sense. Postsecondary public education is valued at $60 billion, with earnings of $30 billion expected each year.
As one of the most well-funded education systems, Canada’s post-secondary educational sector gets the majority of the funding from the government, which mainly covers operating costs and fuels research programs. Meanwhile, revenue from student fees has grown since there is an increase of enrollments of international students …

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Back to School

Best Laptops For Back-To-School 2022

Laptops have been useful items for schooling, especially at higher secondary levels and tertiary levels. Owning one is not enough to get school tasks done. It must be performing and well-suited for your needs. If you are looking for the best laptops for school and home use, here are great recommendations:
Acer Chromebook Spin 713
This Acer Chromebook has an i5 processor with 8 GB RAM and 128 GB storage. The 13.5-inch display is touchscreen and the battery can last up to 10 hours after a single full charge. 
MacBook Air M2…

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The Individual’s Centrality Emerges as a Major Value of Contemporaneity

Canadian sociology will always play a huge part in understanding the culture and societal behavior of Canada. It has also crossed over scientific and territorial boundaries in order to conduct multicultural examinations. This is reflected in activities such as the studies made on McLuhan’s “global village” and the totalizing institutions of Goffman. 
On May 18, 2021, the Centro Studi Italia-Canada hosted an online panel discussion with respected names in social studies from Canada, Italy, and France. In attendance are Guy Bajoit, Marina D&#8217…

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Сanada's Languages

Canada’s Languages Diversify

The number of Canadians who speak other than English and French as their first language have increased in 2021. 
It has risen to 4.6 million or around 13 percent of the population. Also, 25 percent of Canadians master at least 1 other language, aside from English or French, as among their first languages. 
This growth occurred as a result of the recent addition to Canada’s population of people who speak Asian languages, specifically Hindi, Punjabi, and Mandarin. According to the numbers, Canadians who converse…

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Best Universities

The Best Sociology Schools In Canada 2021

Canada has one of the best educational systems in the world. And, among the domains, the humanities and social sciences are regarded as remarkable. If you plan to study in Canada, here are the best sociology schools in 2021.
University of Toronto
Its curriculum focuses on examining the processes of inequality and unequal development in societies. Also, it aims to understand how mobility and migration shape communities. 
University of British Columbia
Its sociology department aims to …

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Back to School

10 Back-To-School Items That Waste Money

As new technology and environmental awareness are incorporated into formal education, some school supplies that were popular a generation ago are now considered a waste of money if purchased today. 
Be careful when dealing with these items because they can seem tempting at first and you don’t want to regret it later on. Here are the 10 back-to-school items that waste money:
New lunch boxes
Most lunch boxes are made durable, even though they can be from hard plastic. Unless there is structural damage…

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Best Universities

Top Anthropology Universities In Canada 2022

Anthropology is the study of humanity and all of the human social aspects. With a scientific field of study that relies more on historical records, a school that offers such a course must be fully equipped with numerous resources that are factual. Fortunately, Canadians and visitors have that privilege since there are many great anthropology schools within the country.
The top universities include the following program levels: Bachelor’s level, Master’s level, Ph.D. level, and certificate courses. Studying anthropology is not only intellectual but also very …

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