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Best Universities Social Sciences Degrees Canada

It has been proven that Canada has one of the best educational systems all over the world. For those who are interested in taking up social sciences, here are the top Canadian universities that you can aim to enter, according to the 2022 world rankings. 

University of Toronto

This prestigious university has over 40 study programs across social sciences, including political sciences, human geography, and criminology. Students can enroll at either undergraduate or graduate levels. There is also flexible room for pursuing combined programs and double degrees.

University of British Columbia

This university’s anthropology department was founded in 1947 and currently becomes the second oldest program for anthropology in Canada. It also offers both graduate and undergraduate-level programs. The department has a rich amount of resources such as the Laboratory of Archaeology and the Museum of Anthropology. 

McGill University

With a number of social science departments, undergraduate students can enroll in either a course with a Bachelor of Arts or combined courses with a Bachelor of Arts and Science. For graduate students, one can choose 17 units for their degree programs. The faculty has 4 institutes dedicated to gender studies, religion, international matters, or general academics. 

University of Montreal

The entirety of this university’s Arts and Science faculty comprises 25 departments. Across all social sciences, there is a wide range of graduate and undergraduate programs. The graduate programs include anthropology, criminology, and social statistics. Also, most of the courses are delivered in French. 

Simon Fraser University

The largest faculty in this university is the Arts and Social Sciences faculty. It handles 30 percent of the university’s student population. There are over 1,200 undergraduate courses and the research programs here are carried out by multiple institutes.