The Individual’s Centrality Emerges as a Major Value of Contemporaneity

Canadian sociology will always play a huge part in understanding the culture and societal behavior of Canada. It has also crossed over scientific and territorial boundaries in order to conduct multicultural examinations. This is reflected in activities such as the studies made on McLuhan’s “global village” and the totalizing institutions of Goffman. 

On May 18, 2021, the Centro Studi Italia-Canada hosted an online panel discussion with respected names in social studies from Canada, Italy, and France. In attendance are Guy Bajoit, Marina D’Amato, Jan Spurk, Monique Hirschhorn, Giuliano Compagno, Paolo Quattrocchi, and the scientific secretary Edmondo Grassi.

The book edited by Daniel Mercure and Marie-Pierre Bourdages-Sylvain is the topic of the panel discussion. The goal was to explore how an individual becomes sociable in a global community, as well as how the digital world and reality are harmonized. Each speaker brought a unique social perspective to the table.

The collective conclusion of the said online panel discussion between these sociology experts is that the individual’s centrality will be the main value of contemporaneity. It will also be the main vehicle for creating practices, institutions, and structures that aim to control every area of private and public life.