Month: June 2022

Best Universities

The Best Sociology Schools In Canada 2021

Canada has one of the best educational systems in the world. And, among the domains, the humanities and social sciences are regarded as remarkable. If you plan to study in Canada, here are the best sociology schools in 2021.
University of Toronto
Its curriculum focuses on examining the processes of inequality and unequal development in societies. Also, it aims to understand how mobility and migration shape communities. 
University of British Columbia
Its sociology department aims to …

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Back to School

10 Back-To-School Items That Waste Money

As new technology and environmental awareness are incorporated into formal education, some school supplies that were popular a generation ago are now considered a waste of money if purchased today. 
Be careful when dealing with these items because they can seem tempting at first and you don’t want to regret it later on. Here are the 10 back-to-school items that waste money:
New lunch boxes
Most lunch boxes are made durable, even though they can be from hard plastic. Unless there is structural damage…

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Best Universities

Top Anthropology Universities In Canada 2022

Anthropology is the study of humanity and all of the human social aspects. With a scientific field of study that relies more on historical records, a school that offers such a course must be fully equipped with numerous resources that are factual. Fortunately, Canadians and visitors have that privilege since there are many great anthropology schools within the country.
The top universities include the following program levels: Bachelor’s level, Master’s level, Ph.D. level, and certificate courses. Studying anthropology is not only intellectual but also very …

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Сanada's Languages

Canada Reports Teacher Shortages And Low Attendance

Aside from the United States, Canada also has a shortage of teachers. According to the annual report by Languages Canada, the country struggles to address the demand for teachers in 2021. The main reason for such is the financial pressures felt severely by aspiring teachers. The salaries may have increased but almost all costs of necessities have increased also. 
The report states that 1 in 5 schools have difficulties in hiring qualified teachers. This challenge stems from the vast difference between the salary expectations and the school tasks demanded. Along …

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