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The Best Sociology Schools In Canada 2021

Canada has one of the best educational systems in the world. And, among the domains, the humanities and social sciences are regarded as remarkable. If you plan to study in Canada, here are the best sociology schools in 2021.

University of Toronto

Its curriculum focuses on examining the processes of inequality and unequal development in societies. Also, it aims to understand how mobility and migration shape communities. 

University of British Columbia

Its sociology department aims to teach the students on making research work involving analysis of the links between different communities. 

McGill University

The students can benefit from the amazing mentorship opportunities here. Aside from that, there is flexibility in personal interests and course offerings. 

Université de Montréal

Students are provided with a dynamic and intellectually stimulating academic environment. This is to promote “social thinking” throughout the academic journey. 

University of Alberta

The educational program here considers families, peers, schools, teachers, communities, inclusive practices, and culture as having critical roles in academic development. 

York University

Its department provides programs that confirm the expertise of the faculty in sociology, anthropology, gerontology, environmental sciences, health and population studies, and criminology and criminal justice. 

Queen’s University

The focus here is on applied social studies. This also includes applying research methodologies and social theories to understand and tackle the social problems faced by rural and indigenous communities. 

Université du Québec

Sociology students who graduated here are said to be capable of demonstrating various professional skills and research competencies. 

University of Ottawa

The goals of the social sciences department are emphasizing cultural, social, and political thought and equipping the right tools to work for social change. 

Western University

Its objective is to utilize the interdisciplinary relationship between social studies and humanities in order to foster a healthy environment for research.